Better means different.

Better is our difference

We’re just revamping…

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The Southern Cross Experience – Tours & Travel Reimagined

Southern Cross Bus Tour Difference

Our Difference

Personal Travel Consultants

Local Connections

Fully Customisable Itinerary

24/7 Support

Global Access

You make the plans.  We make it happen

Southern Cross Vision

Our Vision

Our people-centered mode of operation,

based on the deep respect and value we have for our staff,

contractors and customers, will exemplify how our company

based on social values excels in the

national bus, travel and tourism sector.


Southern Cross Tours sunrise

Who We Are

We’re a group of friends, who have come together to bring a positive change to the tour and travel industry.  We come from various backgrounds in the transport, travel and tourism, business and catering industries. 

You have told us what you want and we’ve listened.   We may be a travel and tourism company, but first and foremost we are a people business.
Better means different.  Experience our difference

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What’s it all about!
It’s all about YOU, FUN and sharing YOUR  Southern Cross Tours & Travel experiences.

Whatever those experiences are, whether your Southern Cross difference is on an Educational Tour, Day Tour, Weekend Getaway, Cruise, Holiday, Travelling to school or getting from point A to point B.  The experiences are endless 

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