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Southern Cross Tours & Travel Photography Competition

Photography competitions have been important forums that have launched the careers of some of the world’s best photographers.   Winning photographers in competitions such as the IPP AWARDS have gained worldwide exposure and have been celebrated and acknowledged by the most respected media outlets around the world.  This may not be the IPP but it’s a great place to start.  Who knows maybe you are the worlds next Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz or Ken Duncan.

Landscape nature tours bus

Amazing Landscapes & Environments

Capture the moment of the lands around you when you’re on Tour or Travel with Southern Cross

A Sunrise, A Sunset,

The Sea to The River,

The Desert to the Country

Expereince what is

SILOs Kingfisher n Possum

School Groups

 The memories and expereinces you have during a school camp, tour and sometimes excursions can last a life time. 

Sometimes these moments can give meaning or direction that unfolds over the coming years and sometimes it’s just FUN.

 In a world that photographs and records everything online, reflect those particular moments that have an impact on you during your school experiences.

Tours Travel Sea Landscape

Escapes, Getaways & Experiences

With the world beginning to open up again, slowly; it might be the time to have a few days away and holiday in your own state or territory. 

We are still recognising a pause for overseas travel. Support your local tourism so we’ll all be here for you tomorrow.

Share your moments, whilst enjoying your break, the surrounds, the town, the environment.  Have fun and relax.

Silo Kingfisher n Possum

Day Tours

What’s your experience? 

The places

The people 

 Share your moments when you’re on one of Southern Cross Tours & Travel’s day tours 


Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel

Some of us are focusing on our work, and have less time to go on a tour and the only travel you are doing is through work.

So be inspired and let your creativity come through, whilst you are travelling with Southern Cross Tours & Travel at work.

Travel by Bus To & From

If you’re travelling to or from
school, work or home
capture a fun moment,
and share it for a chance to win

This could be your moment

Better means different.

Better is our difference


We would love for you to share your Southern Cross Tours & Travel Difference.  Whether you’re on one of our Day Tours, Educational Tour, a Weekend Getaway – or longer, or we’ve organised your travel for work, sports group or travelling home from school.

Let’s share you’re
Southern Cross Difference

Please ensure your name and the names of other people in your photo are included, along with what category (you can enter more than one), a brief description of where, when the photo was taken and a caption, if you think of one.

What’s your
Southern Cross moment?

The other important bits to note: that by entering this competition, you are accepting the T’s & C’s below, including your consent for the photo’s to be used by us. 
We’ll share your photos here & announce the winners

Your Southern Cross Experience?

Share your best photos for a chance to win great prizes

The T’s & C’s – Terms & Conditions


I consent to Southern Cross Tours & Travel PTY LTD using and publishing  images from me, including any image of me and other people in the image for promotional purposes.  This may be on our website, any form of social media or any other form of publication.

I understand this is without renumeration and I am in the running for the Southern Cross Tours & Travel Competition, which if I win, will result in the prize being received.

I agree to my name being publised with the photographic image.


The collection of personal information by Southern Cross Tours & Travel is for the purposes of recording your consent to the use of your images in our promotional and informational publications and marketing.

Your personal information will be used and stored in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act)

Your personal information from the photo competition is not provided to any other agency or organisation.

How it works?

We’ll let you know shortly, keep coming back for the next update. 

Experience the Southern Cross Tours & Travel Difference