About Us

Real Heart

We aim to raise the bar on your tour and travel experiences.

We are a group of friends with passion for our land, our people of the land and to share these connections with you; who come to visit and want Real Heart.

  • We share with you the real heart of the stories of the lands we travel through.
  • We make connections of the heart with all that we come in contact with, be that for a moment with a genuine smile greeting you onto our Coach or if we are travelling together for days on one of our tours.



When you experience exceptional customer service – it stands out.

This is what we aim to do with every interaction with each of us, our staff, you travelling with us, be that on a transfer from point A to B, a half day tour or your own 10-20 day charter or educational tour we’ve created with you.

  • Our service is delivered with Real Heart.
  • We ♥ people.  We ♥ Australia.
  • Our tours, knowledge, food and people, warm the heart.
  • Whatever you want, if it is within our power to do so, we’ll do it.
  • We ♥ real connections.


From the partners of our business and all our staff who we work together with, share the same philosphy of coming together with mutal respect.  People are valued and respected.  It’s what we are about and who we are.

Our business is built on genuine relationships with Traditional Owners and indigenous storytellers.

  • The tour experience and value you get from a tour often comes down to the luck of the draw, depending on the guides you get. (What you don’t know, wont hurt, mentality, this is not us).
  • We want our tours with you to be personal, consistent, professional, fun and with Real Heart.


If you love your experience with us, tell the world

If we weren’t up to our expectations, tell us